How to get to Raindance

5303 South County Road K
South Range, WI
phone: 715.395.0990

From Duluth: Take US53/Hwy 2 through Superior, WI. Just as you leave town, take a right onto County Rd E - go approx 5 miles until you hit County Rd K - you can only go right, if you go left you will end up off the road on somebody's property and probably be trespassing. Follow County Rd K past the post office, over the railroad tracks and continue until you hit the highest point on the hill, approx 2 miles. Raindance Farms is on the right side - red/white house, red/white barn, insanely energetic Australian Shepherd confused at all the traffic and lots of horses wondering if you'll be feeding them.

Driving Directions from Duluth, MN to 5303 S County Road K, South Range, WI (Mapquest)  

Farm & Barn Rules