Rules of the barn

We know a lot of folks want to visit with horses and see life on a busy horse farm, and we do our best to accommodate that.   However, Raindance is not public property, this is private property. For your safety, and the safety of our animals we have established some rules for visitors and boarders. While it may sound harsh but if we feel the rules are not being honored, or the safety of a being is jeopardized we will ask you to leave, period.

While we do have liability signs posted, I'll sum them up here: Both Wisconsin and Federal laws are clear: If you are on a property with livestock, you are there voluntarily. Livestock come with inherent risk as they are living, breathing beings. You assume ALL risk and liability by being on our property. While you will be asked to sign a liability waiver anyway as a precaution, we just want to be as upfront and clear with our visitors as possible.

  • If you are sick, or susceptible to illness - we ask that you avoid contact with our very young and very old horses.  You are welcome to visit the rest of our herd - there's lots of other great horses, cats and dogs to visit.

  • If you bring children - you are responsible for them. No running, rough housing, yelling or loud voices in or near the barn or pasture areas. .

  • INDOOR voices in the barn - that includes you big people as well as the little ones.

  • If you have brought treats other than what we provide, please check with one of us - or the owner of the horse you are providing treats to. Please do not over feed treats to our animals - you probably don't do the same to your own pets or children and our animals are on carefully managed diets.

  • Please do not bring your pets. Believe me, there's plenty here so you won't be lonely.

  • Do NOT enter a pasture without permission and letting us know.

  • If you've come unannounced and we are in the middle of a horse training or lesson, you may be asked to come back another time to respect our paying customers rights to privacy and the time they have contracted for.

  • Farm equipment & tools are not toys - please do not allow your young ones to play on or with the equipment, we don't want anyone getting hurt.

  • Due to snow and ice, walking can be very slippery. We would encourage boots and please be cautious.

  • This is our home - we're happy to offer you coffee, tea and hot cocoa and ask that you please throw away any refuse in designated containers and not in the pastures.

  • We run live webcams on our farm. If you do not want to be seen over the internet, don't stand in front of our webcams.

  • We are not responsible for any weight gain you may incur due to the chocolate chip cookies and various bars we will have available baked by the many fine people who have dropped them off.

Directions to farm