by the 1st grade class of Ms. Millard
Meadowvale Elementary School, Elk River, MN

"This book is dedicated to Jeffrey L. Tucker, with all our love and the biggest of thank yous for giving us Windchill! - M.M. 1st G. C." (I accept this dedication on behalf of the heroes who cared for Windchill - thank you guys)

(Each of the kids drew a picture to accompany their notes - I'm sorry I can't reproduce them here but you at least catch the love in each child's words. I am typing the letters exactly as written, no spelling corrections - they do better than I do anyway)


Someday...Windchill you will prance in the tall grass. - Charlie

the sun will warm your shiny coat - Kylee

you will lift your head up high - Tyler

Someday...you will meet up with Case again. - Kayden

Someday you will race with your friend Case - Peyton

Someday you will eat like a horse - Elana

you will tell your story to new ponies and the cats in the stable. - Sophia

Kisses and you will walk in the fields of clover. - Sarah

Someday...you and Kisses will eat that clover yum! - Cole

Someday...you will rember all the love - Gracie

you, Windchill, are love! - Caleb

Someday...you will read our book at bedtime. - Drew

it will help you sleep tight. - Aaron

Do you get hot chocolate? you should! - Preston

Someday...you will be big and strong - Dylan

Someday...you will hear the rain and feel cozy. - Riley

You will jump up high and kick up your heels - Marlena

The thunder is just a loud noise, it won't hurt you like the cold - Sam

someday...you will feel well again - Kelli

You'll call out really loud, because you are happy. - Kate

Someday...you'll give out your autograph hoof - Alicia

You're famous Windchill! - Anna

Someday your pretty legs will hold you again - Evan

so you can have fun all day! - Blake

You know what guys - now Windchill is and does all of these things you wrote. You, and all the kids who have sent him pictures and cards - who prayed for Windchill and sent him happy thoughts -- you all made Windchill so very happy. And now he is a very happy, proud, big horse with powerful legs and a happy whinny. And if you go outside and you listen very closely - on a windy day - you can hear him too.

P.S. Thanks for sending that to me Ms. Millard, it really made my day. - Jeff