Windchill, a hero on hooves

Donations for Windchill's Care and foundation:

For those who have called and asked if they could assist in the costs of taking care of Windchill (which we appreciate more than words can say) you're welcome to donate at any of the following:

We've set up a special account for Windchill for those that want to donate directly:

The Windchill Fund
Raindance Farms
mailing address:
P O Box 161262
Duluth, MN 55816 

or you can mail payments directly to the credit union where the fund is set up:

The Windchill Fund
c/o Northern Communities Credit Union
3311 W. Arrowhead Road
Duluth, MN 55811

If you order from

and enter "savewindchill" in the care code, 5% of your purchase will be donated to his foundation.

Dan's Feed Bin, Superior, WI,  generously offered to accept the donations or gifts for Windchill and apply it to his supplement and feed needs and Dan helped immensely with this.

The funds we receive in the days ahead will be used to help cover the remaining costs from Windchill's care as we finally settle down and figure out who we owe for what, and any remaining or ongoing contributions will go towards the creation of Windchill's foundation, which is already under development.

Artist Deborah Sprague painted a beautiful picture of Windchill with his buddy Walker that she has up for auction until February 29th. Proceeds are going to the Windchill Fund to help with his medical costs and then the startup of his foundation.

Wind Chill Painting Auction (click to see Deb's Wind Chill site)
Painting by Deborah Sprague of Windchill rescue colt and Walker
(click to see larger image)

Picture of Windchill and Walker purse by Deborah SpragueDeb Sprague has been getting a bunch of email from people asking about other items with Windchill's picture on it and she's created a beautiful purse with another picture of him on there. Click on the link above - she does amazing work, I don't know how she can capture his eyes like that but it's beautiful!


To say that we're humbled by the tremendous outpouring of sympathy, thoughts and prayers would be an understatement. Wind Chill seems to have touched a lot of people's hearts as much as he has all of ours. He was a very special little guy - with bright sparkling eyes,  and if he heard one of us near his stall he was always eager to lift his head and whinny a "hello come see me please." I don't know if there's a way to say "thank you" enough to those that volunteered to sit with him so that whether he lived or he died - he didn't face it alone. Thanks to our neighbors for bringing warm food over and taking shifts to relieve us from the cold and get things done around the farm. David, Stacy, Karen & Tom, Larry & Char, Gary & Polly, Aaron, Kris & Brook - thank you so much for all you did for a little colt who learned what it was like to have a family.

To those that have been calling, emailing and offering support - God bless everyone of you and thank you as well.

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