March 2, 2008: When we were cleaning Windchill's stall, we found a notebook we had somehow missed. More than likely when Windchill was kicking around he probably ended up laying on top of it and so we didn't find it until later. What many of you may not know is that horses, like many animals, are very smart. They communicate with us in different ways. Sometimes those that they can communicate with are called 'horse whisperers.' More than likely one of the horse whisperers working with Windchill copied down his thoughts for him and forgot to tell us. I know Windchill would want to know we gave all the kids that had written to him his note back to them. I know he would also want them to know that he died very peacefully. It was very quick and it occurred in his sleep so he felt no pain and no suffering - he went to sleep knowing that children loved him and that made him very, very happy.


Windchill Rescue Colt

Dear littler people,

I wanted to thank all of you for the cards and letters and pictures. I asked one of those that care for me to send you back my feelings and he promised that he would.

Your love and caring for me made me feel special. They made me feel warm inside and filled up a place in me that had been left empty.

Sometimes it feels like big people don't hear what you say, doesn't it? I hope your big people do - they must if they let you send me all those pretty pictures. I lived someplace they didn't hear me but then somebody did. They brought me to a warm place. They fed me. They held me like I hope your big people do with you. They told me that they loved me. And then they showed me your words and your pictures and I learned that kids like you see things like I do. So I was not alone. That made me very happy which made me feel even warmer inside.

Thank you for telling me you loved me and making me feel so much better. I will always remember that you cared and it will become a part of who I am deep in my heart. And you know what - now that I know the words I can say them back to you - I love you too.

Your friend forever,