Windchill Thank You's
This is probably one of the hardest pages to do - we are so fearful at missing someone who has helped and is deserving of their contributions but that has to be weighed against several things: 1) I'm a guy - prone to forget something immediately following the event; 2) we're all operating on very little sleep; 3) so many have helped in so many ways it's almost impossible to remember it all - it's overwhelming, amazing and definitely a miracle.

So if we have missed your name or your contribution, please don't think it was any less treasured or valued. Windchill's miracle was, and is,  because you cared enough to help us save him and for that we are forever in your debt. God bless every one of you.

In no conscious or rational order...

Good people all over the world who are praying, sending warm wishes and signing Windchill's guestbook
Dan's Feed Bin, Superior, WI
Larry & Char Ericksen, Ericksen Paint Horses, Superior, WI
Karen & Tom Severson, South Range, WI
Stacy Peterson, South Range, WI
Sheriff Tom, Officer Lori & Horsewoman Ashley Dalbec, Dalbec Clydes, South Range
Gary & Polly Niemi, South Range, WI
Aaron & Kris Bresnahan & Brooke, South Range, WI
Christy Weflen, equine attorney (apparently horses need lawyers too), Minneapolis, MN
Jamie Meagher, DVM, Arrowhead Equine, South Range, WI
Steve Meyer, DVM, Ashland, WI
Sara Engelstad, Spooky Audio, Minneapolis, MN
Woodruff Lumber Company, Duluth, MN
Dr. Claudia Cottrell, Circle of Life Chiropractic, Duluth, MN
Suzy & Archie Clark, Pike Lake, MN
David Stevens, South Range, WI
Rick Carlton,
Marilyn Tokach
The Maricle Family, Bruno, MN
Fitger's Inn & Scott Vesterstein, Duluth, MN
Rachael Nyenhuis, Double Dutch Walkers, Duluth, MN
United Healthcare
Todd Kimlinger, Duluth, MN
The Skorich Family, Virginia, MN
Deborah Sprague, OR
Kris Bresnahan, A Moment in Time Photography, South Range, WI
Susan Anderson, Esko, MN
Patty Swanstrom, Duluth, MN
Rick Luck, Superior, WI
Karen & Tom Marx, Corona, CA
Princeton Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, LLC, Princeton, MO
Candice & Alex Vavra
Dr. Carolyn Stull &
University of California-Davis Cooperative Extension Service
Deputy Karen Kucera
All of our new friends from the Friends of Barbaro
Compudyne, Inc., Duluth, MN
Amanda Nesmith, Mound, MN
 Geisha Coffee Roasters, Longwood, FL
Lyle Shannon, Duluth, MN
Duluth News-Tribune, KARE-11, WDIO-TV, Fox News
Katie Allen, Center City, MN
My mom for making me possible
Jean Forster, Grand Junction, CO
Ms. Schwartz & Mrs. Rudnicki's First Grade Students at Northern Lights Elementary School, Superior, WI
Judy, The Androy, Superior, WI
Mary Leigh, Duluth, MN
Tom Haugen, Duluth, MN
Anne Gullion, Cloquet, MN
Vicki McNabney, Duluth, MN
Deb Lopez, Cottage Grove, MN
Raymond Sierakowki, Oakdale, MN
3M Employees, Twin Cities, MN
Paula Moore, Duluth, MN
Maryann Wasko, Superior, WI
Rosean Larson, Superior, WI
Tod Chadwick, Duluth, MN
Compudyne, Inc., Duluth, MN
Soft Pines, Solon Springs, WI
Sue Uttley, Duluth, MN
Beth & Kevin Kinney, Empire Canvas Works, Duluth, MN
Melanie Schomber, South Range, WI
The First Grade Class of Ms. Millard, Meadowvale Elementary School, Elk River, MN
Jake Levin, Bowdoin College Class of 2010, Brunswick, ME (by the way, I love classical music - thank you for your hand-chosen compendium)
Anoka Equine Veterinary Services, Anoka, MN
Walker, South Range, WI
Olivia, South Range, WI
Sunday & Kisses (WC's half sisters), South Range, WI
Gryphon, Fear, Legend, Annie, Dance and Bonnie, South Range, WI
Jordan, Amanda & Breanna Tucker, Cloquet, MN
Barbara Krzenski, Cloquet, MN
Sox for Horses, Inc., Havana, FL - who wrote on the envelope "Dear Post Office - Hurry! This horse needs help!" - thus leading to our next thank you to...
U.S. Postal Service - who delivered the socks for Windchill on a Saturday night
Sharon Baylus
The staff of Northstar Physicians Network, Inc.
The many staff of SMDC Health System who volunteered to help
Marilyn Haley, Charlotte, NC
Joan Kehlhof, Esq., Houston, TX
Deb Anderson, Moose Lake, MN
Steve & Mary Hansen, Duluth, MN
Bruce & Lila Penner, Carlton, MN
Karen A. Tucker, Duluth, MN
Barb Caskey, Duluth, MN

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